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Preparing for Holy Week, April 13 – 20

“Do this in memory of me.” 

Holy Week is the celebration of cosmic renewal through the life, death, resurrection and ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ. We were wonderfully created and we are being wonderfully restored. The season of Lent is an annual season to reboot our lives in closer alignment with Christ, our creator and redeemer. We are preparing to journey with Christ through Holy Week, sharing in his eternal offering of himself, and in his resurrection releasing salvation and the restoration of all creation. Christ has died, Christ is risen and Christ will come again! Join us for these special dates. Read more

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St. Patrick’s Breastplate – mission, worship and warfare converge

St. Patrick’s Breastplate is a well-known and oft sung prayer attributed to one of Ireland’s most beloved patron saints. According to tradition, St. Patrick wrote it in 433 A.D. for divine protection before successfully converting the Irish King Leoghaire and his subjects from paganism to Christianity. The breastplate was worn in battle and is a theme taken up in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, chapter six, the breastplate of righteousness.

This prayer captures the spirit with which St. Patrick introduced Christianity to Ireland! St. Patrick’s Breastplate, also known as The Lorica (the cry of the deer), was popular enough to inspire a hymn based on this text as well. It can be found in our Anglican Hymnal and is traditionally sung at Ordinations to the Priesthood.

St. Patrick is a forerunner of the rich Celtic stream which runs wide and deep in our patron, St. Aidan. We are inspired to emulate the lives of such fearless ones in their holy servitude to Christ and his Kingdom.

In honor of today, his feast day, I offer you this rich prayer. Read more

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Living Lent Together

prayerLent is the most important time of the year to nurture our inner life. It is the time during which we not only prepare ourselves to celebrate the mystery of the death and resurrection of Jesus, but also the death and resurrection that constantly takes place within us. Life is a continuing process of the death of the old and the familiar, and being reborn again into a new hope, a new trust, and a new love. The death and resurrection of Jesus therefore is not just an historical event that took place a long time ago, but an inner event that takes place in our heart when we are willing to be attentive to it.

Lent offers a beautiful opportunity to discover the mystery of Christ within us. It is a gentle but also demanding time. It is a time of solitude but also community, it is a time of listening to the voice within, but also a time of paying attention to other people’s needs. It is a time to continuously make the passage to new inner life as well as to life with those around us.

When we live Lent attentively and gently, then Easter can truly be a celebration during which the full proclamation of the risen Christ will reverberate into the deepest place of our being.

Excerpt from the introduction to Called to Life, Called to Love: Lenten Reflections from the Works of Henri J.M. Nouwen, © Henri J.M. Nouwen. Published by Creative Communications for the Parish. The introduction was written by Henri Nouwen just weeks before his death on September 21, 1996.

Join us in worship together as we journey through forty days of Lenten reflection towards Holy Week, following Jesus to the cross and experiencing his resurrection.

New Young Adult Evening Prayer Group
Wednesday’s at 7:30 PM
Please call for location and details at 816-204-1014

St. Aidan’s Holy Week Schedule:
Maundy Thursday: April 17th at 7:30 PM
Good Friday: April 18th at 7:30 PM
Easter Vigil: April 19th at 7:30 PM
Easter Sunday: April 20th at 10:30 AM

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Lessons in the Wilderness

The First Sunday of Lent – Lessons in the Wilderness, Lynda Morse-Brown

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CD Release / Prayer Evening

Keyboard artist, Joey Curtin, will be sharing the story behind many of the songs on her newly released CD with time given for prayer this Friday evening, March 14th at 7 PM in the Upper Room, 3908 Bell St. KC, MO 64111.

Tigris and Euphrates is an instrumental interpretation of the ancient to the everlasting. A prayer for the people on earth to join with the symphony of Heaven and worship God.

All are welcomed to bring a friend.

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